Removable Cover for Ubio Ear Pillow with an Ear Hole

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Product Code: 116900

Hypoallergenic bamboo cover Bamboo-polyester blend for optimal comfort and support to fit ear pillow with an ear hole.

COMFORTABLE: The material is soft and of high quality fabric, providing comfort and reduces friction for the patient in use. Fabric and filling is gentle on the skin, perfect for all-day use.

HYPOALLERGENIC: The material for this ear pillow cover is made of hypoallergenic bamboo cover with bamboo-polyester blend, ideal for patients to use comfortably for long term.

EASY TO WASH: This removable ear pillow cover is easy to wash and reuse. Wash and air dry. As it is of high quality material, it remains superb in quality after being used and washed during its long term use.

OTHER FEATURES: It fits the Ubio ear pillow perfectly since the cover is also designed with an ear hole. It comes with a sleek, white fabric design for a cute and professional look.

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