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Who We Are

Hello and a warm welcome to Your AT! We’re thrilled to have you join our community. At Your AT, we believe that shopping can be a powerful force for good. As an online store with a social conscience, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing the lives of disabled Australians through every sale we make.

Dive into our diverse range of products, knowing that with every purchase, you’re contributing to meaningful projects designed to make a real difference. We’re excited for you to explore our innovative solutions and to share in our journey of empowerment and inclusion.

Check out our project page to learn more about how we’re using our profits for good and to see the positive impact your purchases make. Thank you for choosing to shop with purpose. Welcome aboard, and let’s make a positive change together!

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Empower and Enable

To harness the power of commerce in empowering disabled Australians by providing innovative products and solutions that enhance their daily lives. We pledge to invest a significant portion of our profits back into developing technologies and services that promote independence and inclusion.

Advocate and Educate

To serve as a leading advocate for disability rights and accessibility in Australia. We aim to raise awareness and drive change by educating the public on the challenges faced by disabled individuals and by actively supporting legislative and social reforms that promote equality and accessibility.

Collaborate and Support

To build strong partnerships with organisations, communities, and individuals who are committed to the disability sector. By pooling resources and expertise, we strive to create and support initiatives that are sustainable, impactful, and tailored to the needs of disabled Australians.


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