Bone Shaped Pillow

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The small bone shaped pillow is hypo-allergenic, breathable and come with a removable, machine washable, soft, white knitted cover.

Now available in waterproof MediSkin Plus fabric!

Bone shape pillow Medicskin+ & Knitted kit also comes in a waterproof MediSkin+ fabric, soft on skin with a bonus knitted cover!

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Our bone shaped pillow is perfect for people that suffer from painful contracted limbs due to medical conditions such as – stroke, disability and frailty. Much of the time we use a regular head pillow, which can be too big getting in the way and compromising dignity or are just plain uncomfortable.

This small pillow is an important tool in caring for people who spend a lot of their time unable to move around easily due to frailty, disability, illness or during recovery. Bone shaped pillow is contoured, made from solid yet soft memory foam that reacts fast to provide relief and comfort.

Pillow Dimensions 30cm x 18cm x 10cm
Ergonomically designed to provide the best size, shape to suit any environment
Prevents Pressure areas / bed sores and ulcers, comforting bony areas.
Helps elevate limbs to improve better circulation.
Bone shaped small pillow can fit anywhere it is needed for comfort without compromising dignity.
Concealed zipper, made for safety with no sharp parts to snag frail skin.

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