DJMed Gel Toe Spacers

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DJMed gel toe separators protect the area between toes and gently align uneven, overlapping or troubled toes. Soft gel technology is hygienic, light and discreet. Toe separators work to relieve the pressure in the joint by straightening the toe.

Gel toe separators provide relief from painful pressure and rubbing between the toes. This is ideal for prevention of sore spots, blisters and corns between the toes. Slim, soft and comfortable. To clean, hand wash with mild soap and air-dry for reuse.

COMFORTABLE: The main good quality of this product is that it offers comfort to the user because of its high quality soft gel. It feels gentle on the skin, and users usually hardly feel that is there. It is perfect to use during sleep because it does not feel disturbing at all.

EXCELLENT FUNCTIONALITY: The toe separator is effective in relieving pain and discomfort between the toes. It provides maximal comfort even with socks or slippers, and can be used perfectly even with shoes.

HIGH QUALITY: The gel is of high quality material, it is soft and non-irritating to the skin. It is designed to be durable and retains its high quality even for longer periods of use. It is sturdy and stable enough to keep a space between the toes for alignment and preventing sores.

EASY TO CLEAN: The soft gel material of this toe separator is easily cleaned and washable. Wash regularly to keep it clean and prevent further infections while in use.

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