Oxygen Tubing Connectors 20Pk

  • $19.99
Product Code: 5326

Oxygen Tubing Connectors 20Pk connects to all standard oxygen tubing and cannulas.
Latex and BPA free. This male to male connector will connect any two standard lengths of oxygen tubing
The tubing connectors compatible with all standard oxygen tubing and oxygen therapy forming a leak free, air-tight connection
Male to Male connection

SAFE & SECURE: The oxygen tubing connector is designed to be of male to male connection, which enables it to connect any two standard tubing easily, ensuring a leak-free and air-tight coupling. Since it is latex and BPA free, it is completely safe to use and no contraindications.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: This tubing connector is compatible with all standard oxygen tubing and oxygen therapy. Easy to use and connect, hassle free to obtain and purchase.

DURABLE: The material is of high quality and durable. It does not easily deformed or damaged. With its quality, this can be used for long term, and still retaining its quality.

AFFORDABLE: With 20 units in the box, the price is already affordable and user friendly. Good quality and functionality for a good price

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