Palm Protector

  • $59.99

Palm protectors offer a great range of finger freedom and movement, but restrict movement that affects the palms. The palm protector is pre-rolled and ready for instant application and use. It is easily put on and has a comfortable cuffed strap with a loophole for the thumb to ensure the palm protector stays in place.

The palm protector is designed with a universal fit for any hand size, but it is designed specifically to fit either the right or left hand. It is made with latex-free, closed-cell foam that is lined with a comfortable pile fabric that is soft and fleece-like. Palm protectors off-white and beige colouring is resistant to colour change and helps to mask absorbed perspiration. Palm protectors are machine washable, but it is recommended to hand wash and air dry them.

Fits any hand size, big or small
Designed fit for either right OR left hand
Lightweight, comfortable design
Pre-rolled, ready for instant use
No adjustment required
Closed-cell foam, non-latex
Fleece-like pile fabric
Machine washable, but recommended hand wash and air dry