Power SLA Electric Wheelchair

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FLIP UP ARMRESTS: For convenient and safe side transfer. Lift your wheelchair armrest up and completely out of the way when you need to.

SIDE FOLDING: Takes up very little space when not in use. Easy and quick to unfold when needed.

ANTI-TIPPING SAFETY WHEELS: Keep you upright, prevent falling backwards when leaning back in the wheelchair, navigating an incline or taking off a little too quickly. Safe way to get use to driving your wheelchair use and important for balancing the pivot point for above knee amputees.

REMOVABLE & FOLDING FOOTRESTS: Fold footplates out of the way when getting in or out of the wheelchair. Remove Leg rest altogether for storage or travel.

PNEUMATIC DRIVE TIRES: Softer, air cushioned ride over uneven or bumpy floor or sidewalk.

SEAT BELT Lateral and forward safety and stability. Keep you safe and in the seat from sudden, stops, bumps and direction changes.

TWO (×2) 250W POWER DRIVE MOTORS: Stronger speed controlled motors help with navigating up an incline of up to 12°. High powered, independent wheel motor make easy work of driveways and footpath ramps.

CALF REST: Keep your feet comfortably on the footrests but gently supporting your calves in place.

FRONT CASTER WHEEL SHOCK ABSORBERS: Reduce the bumpiness of your ride.

MANUAL AND ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAKING: Regenerative electromagnetic breaking with your joystick. Auto slowdown and braking if you let go of the 360° controller joystick. Manual wheel break for secure mounting and dismounting.

FOAM SEAT CUSHION: Improved pressure care and comfort when siting or driving your chair.

STRONG STEEL FRAME: High strength and rigid oval rolled frame to keep you safe and your chair functional during your day to day use.

TGA REGISTRATION & CERTIFIED: Certified by TGA (Administration of Therapeutic Goods Australia) and meets all Australian standards for medical device. Peace of mind that you are buying a quality, registered product.

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