Rebotec Bonn

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Rest easy. Rebotec Bonn is the answer to your commode chairing problems. The high-quality, German-designed commodes boast a 130kg capacity and a 5-year warranty. Swing open armrests and detachable footrests allow easy side transfer – creating your own safe, comfortable shower or bedside patient transfer system.

Versatile assistant
Comfort oriented
Adjustable height
5-year warranty

VERSATILE: Comes with a wide range of features to make your experience more comfortable.

FLEXIBLE: Functional and easy-to-use solution for patients. The unique design includes swinging and detachable footrests that can be adjusted and detached.

STABLE: Its integrated frame, robust and well-thought design provides a high level of stability.

DURABLE: The chair can be easily moved or positioned while sitting on it, and its frame is exceptionally durable.


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Is this for me?

I have independence to move around myself and have upper body strength.
I am after front or side transfer.
I need front (or back) hygiene sensibility.

I would like a softer, more comfortable cushion seat on my commode.
I need hygiene seat cut-out on my commode chair.
I way want to be able to use a Splash Guard.

I want a modern, safe and reliable commode chair.
I have a high toilet and may need to easily remove bucket and rails.
I want to make it easy for me or care staff clean the chair and empty the pail.
If I have to use a commode.
I want to use the most popular German made one without paying too much for it.

Commode Style
Self Propelled
Attendant Propelled
Attendant Propelled

Seat width

Max. body weight

Toilet opening/aperture type
Front or back (reversible)
Front or back (reversible)
Enclosed, oval

Seat surface
Soft PU, cushioned
Soft PU, cushioned

Pail/bucket accesses
Top and back

Rear wheels
Front and back castors
Front and back castors