Rebotec Child Walk

  • $599.00

Meet the Rebotec Child Walk-On With Rollers. It is a colourful walking frame with two front roller wheels for kids, giving them the confidence and stability to move independently while having a blast on their way. Parents will love the smooth and stylish powder-coated aluminium finish, non-slip hand grips, height-adjustable frame, and convenient foldable design.

Non-slip hand grips
Height adjustable walking frame
Smooth Aluminium finishÂ

NON-SLIP HAND GRIPS: It is a walk-on that keeps you in control. The ergonomic handheld grips keep your little ones safer.

HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE: Rebotec's height-adjustable walking frame lets your child choose their comfort level.Â

TWO-WHEELED ROLLERS: Two wheels with a swivel motion make walking easier on uneven surfaces and promote the development of children's balance.

COMPACT AND FOLDABLE: Roll up, roll down and store conveniently. The compact size of these walkers makes them easy to stow away until you need them again.