Rebotec ECO 120

  • $59.99

Rebotec ECO 120 – Forearm Crutches are sold as a pair (2pc)

Strong non-twisting forearm cuff
Ergonomic handle
Crutch handle reflector
Solid ferrule with a high diameter
10 height adjustment levels

ADJUSTABLE. There are 10 height adjustment levels plus another available adjustments in height from handle to cuff. Equipped with effective locking mechanisms for height adjustment.

EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG & STABLE. Able to support up to 120 kg, this forearm crutch is remarkably strong. Also, it is equipped with a strong non-twisting forearm cuff and a non-sliding rubber “big foot” grommet that adds to its superb stability.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL. As manufactured in Germany, Rebotec provides safe, comfortable, solid and steady support forearm crutches for all-day use. Constructed with high quality, lightweight aluminum tubes, this is guaranteed to be durable and withstand long term use.

LIGHTWEIGHT. With its smart German design and manufacturing, being lightweight, strong and sturdy at the same time, these crutches are absolutely comfort and functional wise.

COMFORTABLE. With an extra wide cuff, a strong non-twisting forearm cuff, and an ergonomic handle, this pair of crutches offers stability and comfort for the patient. Built with a crutch handle reflector and made up of lightweight material, patient can easily use the crutches and feel confident.