Rebotec Lyon – Height Adjustable Commode Chair

  • $379.00
Product Code: 362.00.30

This Rebotec Lyon – Height Adjustable Commode Chair has a durable, ergonomic design and a sturdy height-adjustable aluminum frame. Suitable for use in the shower, over the toilet or with an optional removable bucket pail, this lightweight chair has proven ideal for post-operative recovery and assisted living care patients.

ADJUSTABLE: The chair’s adjustable height mechanism allows users to position themselves as desired.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Rebotec Lyon is a height-adjustable chair that is easy to move around. With a weight of only 5 kg, the chair is easy to transport and can be used in the home or outside.

VERSATILE: Repositionable and height adjustable. Adapt to your changing needs as you recover from surgery or a debilitating illness.

DURABLE: The solid composite material is treated with a scratch-resistant coating to make it highly durable and easy to clean.

From video user guide: simple arm rest assembly

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