Rebotec Safe-In-Excess Length (pair) – Tall Forearm Crutches

  • $149.00
Product Code: 116.10.20

Rebotec Safe-In-Excess Length – Tall Forearm Crutches are a stylish, safe and effective alternative to full-size crutches. This forearm crutch is an excellent option for individuals that require added height support or struggle with knee or back pain from long-term use of standard crutches. In addition, the crutch provides ten adjustments in height + 3 height adjustments from handle to cuff. 

Improve mobility
Extra support
Additional 10cm tube length

ADJUSTABLE: Easily adjustable for ideal height and comfort, allowing you to adjust the handles forward or backward on your forearm crutches to achieve your desired grip length.

ADDITIONAL LENGTH: Excess length is the solution to all possible problems. You can extend your crutches lengthways. Extra 10cm length means you can walk further, stand taller and feel safer compared to a standard crutch.

NIGHT SAFETY: Visibility is a must when using crutches at night. With this Rebotec Safe-In-Excess Length – Tall Forearm Crutches, you’ll never have to worry about going for a stroll in the dark again

STABILITY: The increased length and extra safety features allow maximum stability on various terrains.

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