Reusable Suction Pump Canister

  • $79.99
Product Code: 811050

Reusable canister features an enlarged area with easy-to-read calibrations and an airtight seal with a Snap-On lid built to prevent spills and optimize suction. The reusable suction pump canister is made for the Battery Operated Aspirator and is ideal for first aid environments, minor surgery, and other emergency response where responders need to clear fluid from patients.

Easy to carry and transport, maintenance-free, and easy to disinfect and clean, the pump itself is shock resistant and the chassis is built for regular cleaning and features an antibacterial filter. The canister has an overflow valve to maintain hygiene standards and sanitization standards. Reusable suction pump canister must be disinfected after every use.

REUSABLE: This suction pump canister’s main feature is that it is reusable. It eliminates the need to waste on lots of resources for disposable ones. It can be disinfected and maintained with ease.

DURABLE: As it is reusable, this is built with a high quality material to be intended for long term use. It is shock-proof and lightweight, making it easy to transport anywhere for use.

SAFE & SECURE: This canister features an air-tight seal with a snap-on lid to avoid spills and optimize suction. It also has an overflow valve for hygiene and sanitisation purposes.

EASY READABILITY: Another great feature is the easy readability of the calibrations on the canister. The calibrations are printed really well that it will not fade or be easily removed even when used for a long time.

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