Salter Labs Nasal Oxygen Cannula Ear Cushions

  • $5.99
Product Code: 1016-0

Foam cushions can be adjusted easily for a comfortable fit and provides less chafing and tissue injury over the ear. Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPUs) are difficult to heal. Oxygen cannula ear cushions or protector are designed to prevent chafing around the ear when using oxygen tubing. Prevention is your best opportunity for management. Designed to alleviate problems in the most common location for device-related pressure ulcers—the ear.

SAFE: This tube ear cushion is made up of high quality material and is Latex-free, making it safe and comfortable for the user. It does not irritate the skin, and it fits correctly enough to avoid pinching on the cannula tubing.

PREVENTS CHAFING OR SORES: Having this ear cushion prevents the development of pressure sores and chafing around the ear area. Handy and easy to bring and use whenever needed.

COMFORTABLE: The main purpose of this cannula ear cushions is to provide comfort for the user especially around the ear area from the long periods of wearing a nasal cannula. It is gentle on the skin, and is comfortable to use for longer periods.

EASILY ADJUSTABLE: The tube cushion fits very well around the cannula tubing and can be moved and adjusted with great ease.

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