Seatara Upholstered Seat

  • $499.00
Product Code: 7814

The Seatara WheelAble Upholstered wheelchair seat is made from water-resistant plastic and comes with a cover and a 12-quart bucket. It features a pasting technology that allows the seat to be swapped out by either pushing or pulling.

When showering, the inner part of the seat remains dry due to its water-resistant material. The seat is designed for comfort, crafted without any holes, and is easy to clean with minimal effort thanks to its injection-moulded plastic construction.

The upholstered seat significantly enhances comfort for residents, supported by a backrest and armrests that allow them to rest comfortably for extended periods without fatigue.

The seat is generously sized to accommodate various residents easily. The comfortable Seatara WheelAble Upholstered seating offers a convenient and versatile toileting solution that is excellent for maintaining hygiene. Choosing the most suitable upholstered seating is crucial for keeping residents engaged and active in their environment.

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