Standard Fiber Optic Otoscope

  • $189.00
Product Code: 6843

Otoscopes are most commonly seen in medical exam rooms, and used during ENT (ear, nose, throat) examinations.  But otoscopes can be used for so much more than just examining the middle ear structures, like the exterior ear canal and tympanic membrane, or nasal sinuses.   Any time you need to use magnification and light to examine a small dark place, otoscopes are the tool to use.

New and Improved switch & bayonet fitting allows for specula to be attached more securely.
Fibre Optics direct the light, improving visibility & clarity.
Our Swivel Magnifying Lens magnifies 2.5 times.
Reusable Ear Tips are included. If you prefer disposable tips, our Otoscope is compatible with Heine brand disposable ear tips.
Handle conceals battery compartment – which uses 2 “C” batteries (not included).

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