Suction Pump Connection Tubing

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Product Code: 811040

Single-use, disposable connection tubing for clinical situations requiring suction pumps for fluid evacuation and aspiration prevention. Individually wrapped for sterility. The suction pump itself is ideal for ambulance, first-aid environments and minor surgeries.

The connection tubing is an essential supply in all medical and emergency facilities. Disposable 800ml canister with overflow valve sold separately. Blue cone connectors hold tube firmly and hygienically in place. The 3/16” tube comes with a connector for Yankauer suckers and comes in three lengths depending on usage. This connective technology makes completely sterile connections possible outside the clean room environment and is ideal for use in ambulances and other first-response situations where time is of the essence.

Connection tubing 4/16” (6.0 mm) ID 1.8 meters in length

DISPOSABLE & STERILE. As used in oral suctioning procedures in hospitals, the tubing is made to be disposable and sterile to prevent risk of infection. It is individually sealed and wrapped.

EXCELLENT MATERIAL. The tubing is non-conductive, latex-free, durable and flexible when in use. The walls of the tube provide superior strength and do not allow kinking.

SECURE & EFFECTIVE. Each end of the tubing has universal female connectors for easy and secure attachment. Since tubing is flexible and anti-coil, it allows for easy draping. Collapse-resistant tubing improves clinical outcomes.

EASY TO USE. Tubing is easy to connect, suited for use of first responders, first-aid situations, and minor surgeries. Designed to be attached to most suction equipment, purchase and use are hassle free.

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