TENS Machine Lead Wires

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Product Code: 300500

The leads provide electrical connections between power sources to TENS and EMS machines. They comprise plugs with two pin connectors, that fit into the machines. TENS leads are

Supplied with the TENS machines
Available as replacements for the originally supplied leads
Designed to be used with extenders, where required

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Leads are compatible with all DJMed TENS units, and most other brands of TENS units and EMS machines. They can be used as replacements for the original leads on multiple machines. 

EASY-TO-USE: Sturdy plugs fit easily to machine jacks, providing excellent electrical contacts. Connectors fit smoothly into length extenders, thus providing seamless lead length extension.

EFFICIENT AND COST EFFECTIVE: Each lead wire is equipped with a pair of +ve and -ve pin connectors, serving two electrode pads. Thus, one lead wire affords the user twice electrode surface area, requiring lower investments on electrodes. Typically supplied in packs of two leads.

SUFFICIENT LENGTH: Standard length, sufficient for most applications. 

PORTABILITY: Lead wires are easy to carry. They are lightweight, convenient and can be easily folded for safe storage.

DURABILITY: The TENS Machine Lead Wires are quite durable. They will remain useful and functional over a considerable length of time when used properly and with sufficient care.

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