Wrist Splint

  • $39.99

Sometimes the simplest tasks are hardest, this wrist splint will gave you enough support to work constructively while wearing a splint. It supports the thumb, wrist and hand while healing. The straps can be adjusted to strengthen or lighten the amount of pressure.

When wearing this wrist splint the thumb and wrist are secure, while you still have the use of your fingers. This means you can do delicate work like tying a shoe or using my phone and not let the pain hold you back. With this support in place you do not have to worry about accidentally moving in such a way that will cause pain. Once the support is adjusted it stays in place quite well.

Part of the reason it stays in place so well is that it is made with spandex. This keeps the pressure tight, but still allows for flexibility and proper blood circulation. The splint is also made with urethane foam to provide more comfort as well as some cushioning.

Made with spandex and urethane foam for added comfort
Give excellent flexibility and dexterity
Safe for users with latex sensitivity