Alternating Air Wheelchair Cushion

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The consistent cycle of alternating air flow gives the cushion an alternating pressure which means your muscles and blood-flow are continually stimulated when you aren't able to move on your own. With a breathable, removable cover and non-slip base, this medical air cushion gives comfort, stability, and relief for those with limited mobility.

This simple to assemble and maintain premium seat cushion mimics spontaneous movement, and helps to minimise skin sheer and friction.  The dynamic support of the alternating air cells stimulate flow of blood and lymphatic fluids needed to maintain healthy skin and tissue, and for long term comfort.  The entire seat cushion unit is constructed with superior performance materials that will stand up to long term wear and tear.

Pressure Redistribution

Effective alternating system with static therapy mode in help with patient repositioning
5 levels & 3 cycle time settings for optimum user care and comfort

Foam Support

Solid base of support for postural stability
Contour foam base with medial thigh support to prevent thigh adduction

Battery Powered

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery which provides 12 hours of operation on a full charge

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