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This bedwetting alarm has a unique design, small, compact and is worn in an armband on an arm. The armband is adjustable to ensure a good fit and comfortable to wear. The armband is less bulky than a traditional shoulder mounted alarm. This compact and lightweight design increases wearers comfort. The sensor and alarm are permanently connected to prevent accidental disconnection during natural sleep movement.

The sensor is fitted onto the wearers underwear to detects incontinence. Bedwetting alarm uses a number of senses to detectct and relatively gently alert the wearer or the care staff. The alarm flashes an attractive blue light to visually alert carer in the area. Bedwetting alarm vibrates and emits a vocal alert so it is suitable for even a heavy sleeper. the alarm is reset with a press of reset underside of the device.
How to Use the Bedwetting Alarm

Make sure the batteries are strong by pressing the white button on the alarm unit; the LED light should flash.
Press and hold the white button on the alarm unit to test the sound and/or vibration and have your child listen to it and feel the vibration.
Clip the alarm to the neck of sleepwear and position the sensor cord under sleepwear.
Place the wetness sensor in the “target zone” for urination, but not against the skin; the sensor surface is inside the alligator grip.
Light the path to the bathroom with nightlights!
Help wake your child if he or she does not wake with the alarm.
After the alarm is triggered, turn it off by pressing the button on the alarm unit and gently drying the sensor tip.
If necessary, gently wash the sensor tip with warm, soapy water.
Remind your child to place stars on the reward chart in the morning!
Read our book by a pediatric urologist to get the best results.

Troubleshooting Tips

Set the switch to Alarm (A), Vibrate (V), or Alarm & Vibrate (AV) before inserting batteries.
Be sure to use two fresh AAA batteries (not rechargeable type).
Make sure the sensor cord is securely inserted into the side port; when necessary to remove it, release by depressing the clip and extract it gently, do not pull on the cord.
Place the sensor clip in the “target zone"; keep it away from skin as sweat may trigger the alarm.

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