Male Urine Bottle

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Made to be taken “on the go”, the urinal features an ergonomic handle to prevent slipping. The urinal is easily cleaned with your favourite household disinfectants or anti-bacterial wipes. Ideal for long trips or outings for the mobility impaired and others who may need a solution that is both portable and convenient.

Assists the user or carer in personal toileting creating more independence
Comes with lid to contain spillage
Ideal for use in the hospital or home

CONVENIENT. This Male Urinal Bottle is designed to be a convenient toileting aid for men, especially those with limited mobility. Easy to bring anywhere, hassle free for transport.

DURABLE. Made with hard, easy to clean plastic material, this bottle is durable and wear-resistant. Guaranteed to last long.

ERGONOMIC. The Male Urinal Bottle is anatomically designed to be of comfortable use whether standing, sititng, or lying down. It features a wide spout for easy and accurate collection. It is also designed with an ergonomic handle for easy and effective handling.

SECURE. Equipped with a tight-fitting lid, the bottle secures no leaks or spillage.

GREAT CAPACITY. The bottle comes in with a 1000 mL capacity. Suitable for either hospital or home use.

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