Face Down Pillow, Post Ocular Surgery Recovery

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The Face Down Pillow Post Ocular Surgery is a face down pillow that's ideal for use after eye surgery to offload ocular pressure while on recovery period.

CONFORM ERGONOMICS. This face down pillow is ergonomically shaped for post ocular surgery patients. Designed with a fit face shape and a face hole for easy breathing, and keeps the user in proper position.

COMFORTABLE. The material is soft and of high quality fabric, providing comfort and reduces friction for the patient in use.

CONVENIENT. This face down pillow is handy and convenient to bring anywhere especially in cases of travel.

BREATHABLE. The soft, breathable fabric of this pillow is gentle on the skin, comfortable and easy to use.

HYPOALLERGENIC. This face down pillow is designed with a material that is hypoallergenic, ideal for patients to use comfortably for long term.

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