Padded Wheelchair Belt with Shoulder Straps

  • $119.00
Product Code: 305020

Made of durable nylon material with plush padded cushioning, the belt and straps provide reliable restraint without pinching or chafing sensitive skin. The front buckle allows for easy buckling and release as needed. Adjustable straps ensure a customized fit.

Comfortable padded waist belt and shoulder strap restraint system
Helps prevent falls and sliding from wheelchairs
Adjustable belts and straps for ideal fit
Durable nylon construction with soft plush padding
Easy buckle for securing and quick release
Sits high on chest for added security

Provide loved ones the peace of mind they deserve with the security of this Padded Wheelchair Belt with Shoulder Straps. Great for use at home, in facilities, during travel, and more. One size fits most adults.

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