Europa Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling

  • $49.99
Product Code: 501100

Wear the shoulder immobiliser for post-operative recovery or if you have recently injured your shoulder. Immobilising your shoulder is important in preventing further injury.

Europa is our more stylish arm sling with black piping accenting the edge of the arm cradle.

HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE MATERIAL: The Europa shoulder immobilizer arm sling is made of high quality 100% polyester foam fabric with Velcro. This material offers great stability and durability for the user. It does not deform, keeps its shape even when adjusted many times, and can keep its good quality in long term use.

PREMIUM COMFORT: The soft padded fabric of this immobilizer provides premium comfort to the user for all-day use. The sling is also padded, which makes it gentle on the skin and does not strain the neck during use.

HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE W/ ENOUGH STRETCHINESS: It is built with highly adjustable functions so that it provides a best fit for the user. The sling and padded arm features a good enough stretchiness so that it forms the arm, doesn’t come off easily, and gives it a full support and security.

STYLISH: It comes with a stylish nude color with black edges, giving it a sleek look whenever in use indoors or outdoors.

Download: User guide.

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