Bevelled Edge Bedside Safety Crash Mat

  • $599.00
Product Code: 703025

Bedside safety crash mat with bevelled edge provide ease of mind during day and night. Protection from involuntary rolling off the bed or fall when getting out of the bed.Prevent injury falling out of a bed onto a hard ground surface. An issue in hospital and aged care settings where sterile floors are usually non-carpeted. Bevelled mats will however absorb total shock reaction from falling with no injury. Extremely versatile, easy to place and story, non-latex allows for generous lifetime. Available in tri-fold format for ergonomic placement.

Resistant to weathering, waterproof, flame and mould resistant
Easy to use, place, store; non-latex construction, total absorption from falling during rest
Provides stress free sleep as patients will no longer worry about sustaining nocturnal injury
Flame and mould resistant finish

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