Hand Support Cushion

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HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The Ubio cushion is made of premium quality material which allows it to be a sturdy and stable support for the hand. The cushion retains its good quality and does not deform over time. The outside fabric is of good material, gentle and soft on the skin.

ADAPTABLE: This hand support cushion can be used easily in every setting. It can be used on  a bed while sleeping, on a table, or in a wheelchair with table attachment. It’s easy to bring and use anywhere.

IMPROVES RECOVERY: With its elevated design, it helps in reducing edema or hand swelling. It allows the hand of the user to be in a position of rest and to improve any injuries. This cushion is commonly used for post-operative hand recovery.

ERGONOMIC HAND GRIP: The ergonomic design of this hand support cushion enables a good hand grip for the user. It serves a good feature, making the elevated position easy to maintain and the hand does not slide off easily.

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