Lateral Wheelchair Cushions

  • $149.00
Product Code: 106351

Concerned about discomfort for patients in wheelchairs? This lateral support wheelchair pad pair is made of foam and has a unique design to provide elderly and disabled patients with all the support they need while using their wheelchairs. The contoured shape is made specifically to provide lateral (side to side) spinal posture control while helping to prevent skin problems, such as ulcers, which can occur if a person is restricted in their movement.

LATERAL SUPPORT: Our lateral wheelchair cushions are engineered to provide lateral support for the user, maximizing comfort and minimizing pressure.

PADDED AND COMFORTABLE: The Lateral Wheelchair Cushions are designed to enhance comfort with a thick layer of padding and soft, breathable material.

PAIN RELIEVING: These cushions reduce pressure points and relieve pain by increasing comfort, mobility, stability, and circulation.

POSTURE CONTROL: Wheelchair cushions that help you maintain your optimum seat position.

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