Ear Protector with Soft Velcro Strap

  • $79.99
Product Code: 106175

Ear protector has a soft elasticated, adjustable Velcro strap.
Available in one size, suits left or right ear.
Hand washable in warm water, air dry.
Soft and breathable fabric is gentle on skin.

COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE: The cushion feels soft and breathable on the skin, providing utmost comfort for the patient whenever in use. It feels light on the skin and not a nuisance to have it on all day.

REDUCES PRESSURE: This ear protector reduces pressure in patients who are recovering from any painful ear conditions by allowing space whenever they want to lie in bed. The material of the cushion prevents chafe and pressure sores even when used for longer periods.

ADJUSTABLE: The ear protector comes with a soft, stretchable and adjustable Velcro strap which makes it available to use by any size. It can be used in either left or right ear. Easily adjustable to accommodate the user’s comfort.

PREMIUM MATERIAL & LIGHTWEIGHT: The foam of this ear protector is soft and highly dense at the same that it does not collapse or deform when the head rests on it for longer periods. It places you in a comfortable and proper position to avoid pressure on the affected ear. Being lightweight, it is easy to carry around for travel.

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