Padded Head Protector, Breathable Sun Visor Cap

  • $329.00
Product Code: 702036

The soft head protection hat is designed for comfort and convenience and to perform well while you spend hours in the sun. The visor keeps the sun out of your eyes and reduces neck strain. 

This baseball cap-shaped cap protects against UV rays and cools your head on hot days. It also features a generous velcro circumference adjustment at the back and an easy buckle strap to secure it in place.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Neoprene padding has a higher density than most foam head protector pads allowing for more discrete padding protection. Additionally, neoprene padding rebounds and does not get compressed over time with repeated use, offering greater padding and longevity. 

LIGHTWEIGHT: 256g in weight. Does not weigh heavily on the head. 

PROTECTION: Protection is the core principle of this head hat. It provides appropriate protection for outdoor use. Added visor for extra protection.

ADJUSTABLE: Generous circumference adjustment of 52 – 75cm for a comfortable fit.

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