Finger Contracture Cushion

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Finger contracture cushions can also be useful for those undergoing various types of hand therapy as they can help reduce hand and finger movement.

Finger contracture cushions are machine washable to help ensure longevity and sanitation. They are made with an incredibly absorbent terry cloth exterior to absorb moisture and have a plush microfiber filling for both comfort and sanitation. The dark blue of the terry cloth is not only both appealing and non-threatening, but it also helps to hide discoloration over extended use. It also has a non-latex strap to maintain the cushions shape.

One of the important benefits of the cushion here is to offload some of damage from the hand activity such as: pulling, grinding, squishing, digging in to, etc, on to a soft cushion made in the right shape instead of causing pressure wounds to the hand.

Can fit either right or left hand
Appropriate for a variety of hand sizes
Terry cloth exterior
Plush polyester microfiber interior

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