Leg Transfer Belt

  • $99.99
Product Code: 306604

Transferring patients between beds, chairs, and other surfaces can be difficult and poses risks of injury for both patients and caregivers. The Padded Leg Transfer Belt makes this essential task easier, safer, and more comfortable for everyone involved.
This transfer belt is designed with wide, reinforced leg paddings that provide firm yet gentle support under the patient’s legs during transfers. This evenly distributes weight and prevents pinching or cutting off circulation. The thick padded material protects the legs from bruising and skin tears.
The leg sections connect to an adjustable padded waist belt with heavy-duty buckles and straps. This allows a customized fit to accommodate different body types and sizes. The waist belt gives caregivers secure hand-grip locations to control the patient’s positioning.
Constructed of durable, easy-to-clean polyester material, this transfer belt ensures long-lasting use. Double-stitched reinforcements enhance strength and durability under the weight and shifting of transfers.
The transfer belt gives peace of mind that immobile patients can be transferred safely with dignity. It’s an essential mobility aid for nursing homes, hospitals, and home care settings. Invest in this belt to protect your patients and staff.

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