Bed Side Bumpers Wedges

  • $519.00
Product Code: 705500

WATERPROOF. The fabric is designed to be fluid-resistant, making it suitable for use in cases of incontinence. Durable and lasts longer for the material inside won’t get wet.

STRONG, ADJUSTABLE FASTENERS. The adjustable fasteners serve to anchor the product to the bed. Made up of strong and high quality material, it is sturdy enough to be locked in to position and won’t budge with any movement from the user.

COMFORTABLE. Made up of a good and soft-to-touch fabric, this offers absolute comfort for the users. Firmness of the material is just right; comfortable enough to have good night’s sleep.

EASY TO CLEAN. Since it is made up of fluid-resistant fabric, it is wipeable and easily sanitized for hygienic use. Prevents any odor to be absorbed through the material.

Bed side bumpers wedges attached with Velcro to under sheet for easier side bed transfer.

Durable fluid-resistant fabric that is easily sanitized for hygienic use.
Anchors to beds with sturdy, adjustable buckle fasteners.
Suitable for use with incontinence sheets/bedding.

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