Hydrophobic Suction Filters, Pack of 10

  • $89.00
Product Code: 811000

Hydrophobic bacterial flow filter to fit:

9E (all variations)
Lifetime (all variations)
ISU 10
CA-MI Askir

MAXIMUM PROTECTION. The hydrophobic suction filters contain an integrated micro porous membrane which chemically seals on contact with any liquid or fluids providing total protection against fluid overflows or ingress. The filters have high bacterial retention securing safety and hygiene for both patient and operator.

MACHINE FRIENDLY. The use of hydrophobic filters protect suction machines since they are prone to damage and contamination if exposed to liquids or body fluids in the presence of any operating errors.

WIDE AVAILABILITY. As it is compatible with most suction machines available, purchase and use are relatively easy.

EASY USE. With a male to male connector, good compatibility and variable width, this suction filter is easy to use by any health care worker.

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