Rebotec Fischerstock – Walking Stick with Fischerstock Handle

  • $59.00

EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG & STURDY: The Rebotec Walking Stick with Fischerstock Handle is made from Germany and is built with high quality aluminum material. With a weight capacity of up to 125 kg, this walking stick is guaranteed strong. The rubber pads are non-slip, skid-resistant and have maximum contact on base, ensuring its commendable sturdiness.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Along with its strong, high quality aluminum material, this is also lightweight. Its sturdiness and lightweight design offers premium comfort to use around. Perfect and easy to travel with anywhere.

CONTOURED GRIP HANDLE: This Rebotec walking stick is designed with a contoured Fischerstock handle that distributes pressure across the palm of the hand for a comfortable and fully secured grip. This can perfectly assist seniors, elderly and injured persons.

SAFE & SECURE: This walking stick is made to be height adjustable with 73-96 cm adjustments from height to handle, designed to fit the heights of virtually anyone out there. It is built with a safe and secure locking mechanism so that it can be adjusted and used with no worries regarding its sturdiness.

CLASSIC, SLEEK DESIGN: The classic aluminum design is available in dark silver and black colors. With its classic and sleek design, it looks good when in use even in formal occasions.