Rebotec Koln

  • $749.00

Swing open armrests for easy side transfer
Toilet seat with seat cushion
Removable pail (included)
Ergonomically shaped backrest
Feet with safe, non-slip ferrules
Generous 130kg capacity

EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG: With an up to 130 kg weight capacity and made up of corrosion proof aluminum, this chair is designed to be strong and sturdy. It has excellent durability and retains its best quality even in long term use.

MADE IN GERMANY: Rebotec provides high quality chairs designed and made in Germany, constructed by highly skilled and well-trained people in Rebotec. The company guarantees professional, reliable and efficient products and services to all of the customers.

EASE OF USE: The chair features swing-open armrests for easy side transfer and an easy to remove pail is already included, with a built-in toilet seat with seat cushion. It is ergonomically formed to be use with perfect ease.

SAFE & SECURE: Aside from being a strong product, this chair is also made to be safe for users, by being equipped with a heavy-duty, wide non-slip rubber ferrules.

OTHER FEATURES: It is designed with a stylish, classic white color, with accents of either red or blue. It is corrosion-proof, so the color stays in its best quality even for long term use.