Skin Protectors For Legs – White

  • $29.99

Leg skin protectors are for the people who bruise very easily due to thin, dry ageing skin that is susceptible to cuts, bruises and other skin traumas. They give a protective covering against tears and abrasions for thin, fragile skin tissue.

Leg protector sleeves have a four way stretch for comfortable and easy fitting with gentle elastic to hold the skin protectors in place, offering protection to dressings or against trauma during physical activity as well as at rest.

In addition the anti-microbial properties of Chitosan Rayon protects against odor causing bacteria often accompanying wounds and skin conditions.

Sold In Pairs (2pc)
Professionally used in nursing home settings or at home
Fabric: a unique combination of Rayon, Nylon, Cotton & Spandex
Machine wash 38C & dry on low setting