Wheelchair Calf Strap

  • $74.99
Product Code: 307201

Keep your feet safely on the footplates of your wheelchair with these calf straps. They’re designed to prevent your legs from falling back from the wheelchair’s footplates, so you'll be relaxed and comfortable without worrying about getting dragged around by your ankles.

FIRM PROTECTION: Firm calf strap made of a firm, breathable material that provides comfort and support. The straps are easy to secure and don’t slip or slide.

COMFORTABLE: Designed to keep feet safely and comfortably on footplates with calves relaxed. The calf rest strap stays in place with comfort and support for all-day use.

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with any wheelchair manufacturer, this calf rest strap is engineered to fit most wheelchairs. It is also easy to install and remove 

DURABLE: Made of high-quality durable material, this calf strap is designed to last.

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