Wheelchair Drainage Bag Holder

  • $39.99$49.99

When in use, the Wheelchair Drainage Bag Holder looks like any other bag that might be attached to a wheelchair, its contents unknown to the untrained eye. In addition to simply transporting a urinary drain bag, it protects it from the elements and from objects that could damage or puncture the bag.

The Wheelchair Drainage Bag Holder is made from a non-latex and completely hides the contents within. The Wheelchair Drainage Bag Holder has two adjustable straps that can be easily looped over the back frame of a wheelchair to hang at the back, it can also be hung on a patients bed rails and on other objects beyond a wheelchair, provided there is a railing or hook that the two straps can be attached to.

It is made to a standard size and fits most urinary drain bags. The bag is machine washable and can also be easily washed by hand with soap and water. The drainage bag holder is heat sealed to contain spills were a tube to slip or some sort of accident cause the containing urinary drain bag to leak.

Discreet, protecting patient modesty
Standard size for drainage bags, fits one bag
Machine Washable
Heat seal construction, contains spills