Breathable Heel Protectors, High Cut (pair)

  • $129.00

High Cut Heel Protectors are treated with a sanitised formula that help fights offensive odours and breeding of bacteria. High cut heel protectors are designed using fabric that is breathable, antibacterial and beautifully soft. With two velcro adjustable straps for maximum comfort, one to support the base of the foot and another to support the ankle keeping the high cut heel protector in perfect position.

High cut heel protectors are sold as a pair
One size fits all is adjustable with two easy Velcro straps and offering super softness for maximum comfort
Assists with prevention of ulcers, skin shearing and skin tears around pressure areas
Comes with the two colour options of Navy or White and are washable (warm hand wash)
Made from beautifully soft, specially designed breathable fabric to reduce sweating
This product is production Sanitised