Surgical Scissors – Blunt & Blunt

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Surgical scissors are made with high grade stainless steel which ensures that the blades remain sharp for an extended period of time. Both the straight, pointed blades are made for accurate cuts.

Very sharp stainless steel surgical scissors are used in an operating room, medical ward and for delicate cutting procedures. The finely sharpened points offer exact precision in difficult cutting situations.

These surgical scissors can be operated with either hand making them particularly convenient and versatile. The design is favoured by surgeons, nurses and in laboratories for their convenient size and long-lasting edge.

Surgical scissors are available in two popular sizes 13 cm (5.1-inch) and 16cm (6.3 –inch).

High quality stainless steel construction for extended working life. Two very sharp straight blades for precision cutting.

Sharpened points for delicate cuts. Can be used in left or right hand. Choice of two popular sizes.