Ubio Chair Seat Pillow

  • $84.99

Sitting in chairs for long periods of time is bad for your back and posture. And if you suffer from tailbone or lumbar pain, this pillow can help alleviate those aches and make your chair more comfortable. With a soft exterior, this pillow is fluffy enough to provide ample cushioning, while the inner core remains firm to support your lower back. So, sit back, relax…and bring comfort to the back of your seat.

EXCELLENT SUPPORT: Excellent support for your back, seat, and shoulders. Encourages perfect posture to prevent and relieve lower back pain.

ALLEVIATE PAIN: The slight elevation of the seat space lifts the thighs off the chair and promotes circulation – alleviating pain in your lower back, knees, and hips.

BREATHABLE FABRIC: The fabric is plush to the touch and carries your weight evenly, providing all-day comfort that helps alleviate pressure points in your back and bottom.

VERSATILE: The seat pillow is versatile and can be used on any chair in your home.