Wheelchair Back Cushion

  • $119.00
Product Code: 106110

Comfortable seating and positioning can help to prevent pressure sores and improve the quality of life for all patients. This back cushion provides the perfect complement to your wheelchair. With its unique design, this back cushion allows you to easily secure it onto your existing wheelchair, with or without armrests.

PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION: The Wheelchair Back Cushion provides soft comfort, support, and even pressure redistribution to the back. This helps prevent you from developing pressure sores.

SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: This simple yet essential accessory is designed to provide the ultimate relaxation, relief, and comfort for those who use a wheelchair.

VERSATILE: Securely and efficiently ties onto various-sized wheelchairs, it also fits easily onto other chairs such as recliners.

EASY MAINTENANCE: This wheelchair cushion has a fluid-resistant surface and easily wipes clean, making it ideal for anyone who needs to use their wheelchair regularly

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