Wheelchair Back Protector

  • $54.99
Product Code: 106100

Perfect for both nursing homes and home care use.  When more structured supports are not required, this faux sheepskin back protector provides a unique combination of a secure cushiony softness, increased air flow, and an anti-bacterial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria.  This wheelchair back protector is also thin enough to layer under a more supportive back rest, if it is required upon occasion.

Four secure straps to attach the wheelchair back protector to the wheelchair frame.
Back protector can be easily removed for washing or using on a different wheelchair.
Faux sheepskin padding provides softness and warmth, and encourages airflow.
Soft backing protects against skin shear and pressure sores with generous cushioning.
Anti-bacterial treatment helps to prevent bacteria growth and helps in preventing unpleasant odours caused by sweat.
Dark blue exterior provides a non-institutional and neutral background that will not clash or draw attention, allowing the user’s fashion sense to stand out.

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