Double-Padded Security Mitts

  • $169.00
Product Code: 2819

Indications for Use

Patients assessed to be at risk of disrupting life-saving treatments (e.g., chronic tube pulling).
Patients assessed to be at risk of line pulling, which may prevent monitoring of vital signs.
Patients whose picking, pulling, scratching, or peeling exacerbates a skin condition, causes self-injury, or compromises wound site integrity


Connecting straps cannot slide in any direction or loosen if the patient pulls on them, or if the bed is adjusted
Mitts and straps are properly secured. If applied too tightly, circulation will be restricted; if applied too loosely, the patient may be able to slip his or her limb from the device
Mitts are intact, not torn or damaged, and hook and loop closes securely. DO NOT allow patients to ingest mitt material
The patient cannot use his or her teeth or otherwise remove the device and inflict self-injury
Monitor closely when the patient is out of bed. Patients who ambulate
while wearing this device may be at risk of injury from a fall

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