Soft Head Protector Helmet for Kids

  • $299.00
Product Code: 702020

Soft Head Protector Helmet is helpful for use for fall injury management, high risk recreational protection, reduced mobility disorders, epilepsy and seizures, autism head banging and other disabilities.

ADJUSTABLE. One size fits most children with an adjustable Velcro back panel and chin strap.

STYLISH. The product comes in with a cute, colourful design, making it stylish for kid’s use while being discreet at the same time.

FUNCTION + COMFORT. With its breathable and light material, kids can use it the whole day without discomfort. The product is equipped with a soft neoprene with quilted foam layer, both of which are comfortable materials, for shock protection and impact absorption.

WASHABLE. The material of this product is both machine and hand washable in warm water. Air dry on a flat surface.

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