Knee Brace Support

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Product Code: 3247

Whether it is for arthritis, strains, sprains, or a ligament issue, the knee support brace offers you the healing benefit of its open-patella design. The design permits fluid movement encompassing a full range of motion. This is especially helpful for patients who desire to regain or maintain movement and mobility. For post-surgery patients who are expecting to increase their mobility over time, the support allows the knee to move freely while still being completely supported.

Chronic, degenerative conditions, like arthritis, frequently force patients to live with limited physical abilities. If stiffness and pain are a main concern, the fasteners can be loosened or tightened to the specific preferences of any user. On the knee support brace, the fasteners are adjustable to accommodate all levels of tightness, as well any body shape or size of the user.

Open-patella support reduces knee pain and weariness.
Support is made from neoprene rubber for comfort, ease of movement, and support.
Neoprene is a breathable material that allows the support to be worn for hours on end without worrying about moisture accumulating or skin issues.
Brace can be worn on either leg and fits any knee with a circumference from 31cm to 45cm.

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