Palm Contracture Grip

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Like other palm contracture products, the Palm Contracture Grips provides a comfortable experience for patients and users. The Palm Contracture Grips is effective at providing aid to and preventing instances of hand contracture and skin deterioration in patients.

The Palm Contracture Grips provides  high risk IV pulling patients with a distraction to keep their idle hands occupied and makes it much more difficult for them to grasp at their IV tubes to pull at them or remove them. The Palm Contracture Grips places patients’ hands in a natural and comfortable position to assist speedy recovery and to prevent skin deterioration from worsening.

The elastic strap featured on the Palm Contracture grips offers a more secure fit and less risk of a patient idly discarding the contracture. It is non-latex, ensuring hypoallergenic use, and is gentle on weak skin tissue despite the increase in tension provided by the elasticity. It uses a dark blue terry cloth to help to mask stains and discolouration from extensive use and is entirely machine washable for easy cleaning.

Machine Washable
Hypoallergenic terry cloth
Dark blue colour
Elastic strap, non-latex
Microfibre filling

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