Positional Therapy Belt for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

  • $255.00
Product Code: 307250

Ubio sleep apnea belt works well when fitted as high over the chest as possible, with the strap sitting as high as under armpits. The belt will stay in place better if a relatively fitted cotton is worn under the belt when asleep.

LARGE FOAM BLOCK WITH VELCRO STRAP. The positional therapy belt is composed of a large foam block in a zipper pocket, a large prominence that when cantered on the back while lying, makes it uncomfortable to say in that position, making the user to roll onto their sides. It is attached securely onto the body with a Velcro strap.

ADJUSTABLE HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL. The chest belt is a padded and length-adjustable belt that is made up of a tear-resistant nylon. Composed of a high quality material, this chest belt is guaranteed durable.

MINIMAL. The positional therapy bumper belt is simple and non-invasive. This only requires the user to simply fasten the belt around the chest and lie on their side, it will then work its way on preventing to roll onto their backs. Also, it is easy to bring for travel.

COMFORTABLE. Due to its shape and size, this therapy belt is comfortable to wear. The belt straps are flexible enough to make sure that the user does not feel cramped while breathing in and out.

WASHABLE. With a zipper pocket, the cushion inside can be removed, and the straps can then be washed and cleaned. It is recommended to be washed with cold water and mild detergent, and be allowed to air dry.

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