Ubio CPAP Pillow Side Sleeper

  • $117.00
Product Code: 116125

For a restful sleep while wearing a CPAP nasal or full-face masks. The sleep apnea CPAP pillow has two cut-outs to reduce the pressure of the equipment on the face, as well as reducing leaks, and is particularly useful for those who sleep on their side. The specific shape also helps with side sleeping spinal alignment, helping to improve breathing as the airways are better aligned.

ANTIBACTERIAL: The Ubio sleeper pillow is made to be antibacterial, suitable for patients to use even in long term periods. With this feature, it prevents infections and contamination of the CPAP equipment, especially when used in a hospital room setting.

COMFORTABLE: The material is soft and of high quality fabric, providing comfort and reduces friction for the patient in use. Fabric and filling is gentle on the skin, perfect for all-day use.

ENHANCES MOBILITY: The main feature of this pillow is the cut-outs to achieve an ergonomic design. This feature allows greater mobility for the user without affecting the technical function of the CPAP machine.

HYPOALLERGENIC: The material for this pillow cover is made of hypoallergenic bamboo cover with bamboo-polyester blend, ideal for patients to use comfortably for long term. It ensures safety to the user with utmost comfort provided.

EASY TO WASH: This pillow cover is easy to wash and reuse. Wash and air dry. As it is of high quality material, it remains superb in quality after being used and washed during its long term use.

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